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Take control of your desk with the right metric system

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Dear Executive Recruiter,


Do you feel like one day is no different than the next?

Maybe some days you feel good about your work

because you submitted a great candidate and made
the placement! However, most days it may feel like

pushing a rock up a hill only to watch it roll back down.


The good news is we have a tried and true solution to

this problem! Every day can matter. Each day can be

meaningful if you attack it in the right way.


As an independent recruiter and businessperson, you know

it's important to keep track of your numbers. You

need a system to hold you accountable. But it doesn’t

have to be hard




The days when most executive recruiters rejected metrics and analytics are long gone. The idea that data is a distraction or an unreliable indicator of your performance went away with the dinosaurs. Thank goodness for that.


In today’s world, it is widely accepted that metrics are a critical component of management whether you lead a thousand-strong salesforce or are a sole-practitioner working out of your home office.



















Here is the truth about metrics:


The easier your metrics are, the more valuable they are. The simpler they are, the more meaningful they are.


Do you believe you have the potential to achieve more but feel you’ve bumped up against a performance ceiling? Do you feel that you’d make more money if you were simply more consistent? Do you sometimes worry about how unpredictable your income is? 


I have been through all these struggles, and I understand how important it is to have the right metrics system to help you take control of your desk and personal performance as a recruiter.


My name is Nico Scopelliti, and for the past 17 years, I have been a coach to executive recruiters.  I developed the Lock-On Report together with my father, Pasquale Scopelliti.


The Lock-On Report was first introduced to independent recruiters in 1996 and is the most powerful performance model and metrics system available for recruiters.


The Lock-On report empowers you with the knowledge that today was a success and something to be proud of even when the investment you’re making hasn’t yet yielded the return.


Also, it is key to straightening out the roller coaster billings and achieving predictable income; it holds you accountable, so you don’t lose sight of your goals and what you care most about.


Let's talk about the importance of tracking your metrics to help you take control of your desk and achieving your goals!


Lock-On Report Demo

Lock-On Report Examples

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