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Work Backward to Your Goals

When setting goals, approach it in the same way as the maze puzzles you solved as a kid.

The easiest way to solve a maze is to work backward. Goal setting is the same. 

Start at the end with what you want to achieve and then work backward to determine what you need to do to achieve it. This reveals not only your goals but even the specific metrics you should be tracking.

To work backward as a recruiter, you have:

  • Last you Make Money

  • You must have Placements to make money

  • You need Send Outs to find placements

  • Both Job Order & Candidate Data Sheet are required to get a send out

  • The first thing you need to take care of is the Front-End activity (Phone/ Conversations)

Let’s say you want to make $100,000 Q2. Now, how much money do you make off each placement? If you make $25,000 for each placement, you will need to make 4 placements in Q2.

If you continue this math all the way back, you will start reaching your goals for this Quarter.

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