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Coaching & Metrics that Lead to Predictable Income

and recruiting revenue that’s secure, consistent & growing.

Make Informed Decisions

Predict Your Income

Plan Your Growth

Are You Ignoring Your Metrics Because 
You Are Afraid of What They’ll Predict?

If you are, you might...

Not know where your business is going

Not be working consistently 

Be doing the same thing over and over again​and expecting different results

Feel like you’re a slave to your desk

Hold yourself back from reaching your full potential

Leave a lot of money on the table

To Build a Predictable Income,

You Must Become Predictable

Take control of your desk with the right metric system. The Lock-On Report will empower you to...

Keep Yourself Motivated & Accountable

Dissect, Analyze and Diagnose Your Business

Easily Plan The Steps To Your Next Placement

Train & Lead Effectively

Predict Your Income

“I became more motivated and energized and my activity level went up dramatically. I'd recommend the Lock on Report for anybody who's looking to increase their productivity and ultimately their billings.”

- Shana Roberts, Roberts Recruiting

"I look at my Lock-On every Monday, I review the delinquent column and plan my week."

- Scott Brownholtz, Brownholtz & Assoc.

“Weekly it is a great motivator as I see not only my progress but the progress of my teammates.”

- Vincent Scaramuzzo, EdExec

“If you think you can run your business without an analytics tool you’re just kidding yourself. The Lock-On Report is a great tool that identifies opportunities to improve and also shines a light on what you’re doing great."

- Jon Littman, Genesis Search Group

“When you can break down your activity into daily and weekly goals it helps predict your revenue on a quarterly and annual basis.”

- Mike Seminerio, SC Intl.

“Our whole business plan starts with the Lock-On Report.”

- Jon Littman, Genesis Search Group


"In 2016 I did $292,000. I was working all by myself and I credit it to me and the help of the Lock-On." 


—  Jerry Land, J.P. Land

You became an Executive Recruiter to be your own boss. Instead, have you have become a slave to your desk? Are you ready to take control of your business and gain the freedom of  predictable income?

The Lock-On Report was created to help Recruiters like you gain a predictable income and to take back control over their desk. Every day can matter. Each day can be meaningful if you attack it in the right way.

As an independent recruiter and businessperson, you know it's important to keep track of your numbers. You need a system to hold you accountable. But it doesn’t have to be hard METRICS CAN AND SHOULD BE EASY.

The Lock-On report empowers you with the knowledge that today was a success and something to be proud of even when the investment you’re making hasn’t yet yielded the return.


Let's talk about the importance of tracking your metrics to help you take control of your desk and achieving your goals!

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