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If you know your numbers, you know what's going to happen next

Have a clear path forward with the right metric system

Lock-On Report Subscription

Introductory call with Nico: Pre-account setup discussion of what metrics will be tracked.

 Weekly email reminder to enter activity and a weekly report update

 A self-update feature for immediate access to most recent data

In-depth analysis -the totals, averages and ratios, all presented in colors based on your goals

Quarterly calls with Nico: to evaluate and accelerate your progress

Solo Desk Subscription


Billed annually as one  payment of $300

Team Subscription


2 Team Members

Billed annually as one payment of $528

Office Subscription

5 or More Members

  • Pricing Options
    Please Contact Me directly for 5 or more users.

3 Team Members

Billed annually as one payment of $792

4 Team Members

Billed annually as one payment of $1,056

For pricing or to get started please fill out the form below. 

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