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Take control of your desk with the right metric system

What Makes the Lock-On Report Unique

Keep Yourself Motivated & Accountable

You set goals for yourself, maybe you help your employees set goals, too. Regular accountability will help you work toward those objectives, rather than let them fall into the dustbin of New Year’s Resolutions.

Dissect, Analyze and Diagnose Your Business

There is always room for improvement, sometimes a lot of room. Where are you losing money due to weaknesses in your recruiting process? Use the Lock-On Report to find and improve them, and it will serve as an early warning system if you slide back into bad habits.

Ease of Use

Metrics don’t need to be hard. Entering your goals and results into the Lock-On Report is a simple, rapid, heartburn-free process. And support is always ready to respond quickly to any technical difficulties.

Get the Big Picture

Your entire quarter, all your goals and results for all of your metrics, along with running, totals, averages, ratios, and trends, are presented on a single printable sheet. No need to click around to find the data you’re looking for.

…But Also Depth of Analysis

Don’t let the one-page presentation fool you. There’s tremendous depth in the numbers. The totals, averages and ratios, all presented in colors based on your goals, tell the complete story of your desk in surprising ways.

Training & Leadership

Whether you’re on your own or lead a group of recruiters and researchers, the Lock-On Report empowers you with the actionable data you need to train where needed and lead them (or yourself!) to greater levels of success.

Forecast your Results based on Trends

Recruiting is considered a highly unpredictable business. While that’s true to a degree, what exacerbates that is irregular activity. Fortunately, that’s a problem you can own and fix, yielding a more secure and confident experience.

Healthy Competition

Why so serious? Offices with multiple people often motivate their people with a little healthy competition on who can hit their individual goals. Use the Lock-On to have some fun with the metrics that matter, like phone time and recruiting presentations.

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